What Do I Write?

The question that always hinders any webmaster is always about the content. The procedure to making most sites goes along the path of finding a good affiliate program, setting up a URL, building a website and producing some top notch filler for your audience to look at. So what exactly makes good content and what is the surfer looking for?

This question is usually answered by looking at the program you’re promoting and how you’re aiming to go about it. I’ll tell you now – if you’re looking for a few blog posts that’ll add some SEO value to your feeder porn site, I wouldn’t worry too much about the subjects you’re covering. On the other hand, if you want to create a tooth whiting information website you will have to carefully consider exactly what it is that you want to put up as content. Because believe me – no person in their right mind is going to want advice from a website that structures itself as a blog full of keywords and very little written content.

One popular format that can succeed if executed correctly is the success story. If you can actually convince someone that what’s written is true then there’s no reason why an individual looking for a product wouldn’t trust their opinion and buy it themselves. Success stories work because it appeals to the section of the brain that asks ‘are you sure anything will fix this?’, it’s a surefire way to increase your conversion rates and bring justified people’s money to your pocket.

Another accepted standard for websites is simply to fill it with relevant information surrounding the important subject. For instance, if we’re building a site that’s pushing diet pills, you’ll want to create content that someone who wants to lose weight would want to read. Pages covering how fat builds up, the importance of exercise, what foods are healthy and how to make yourself appear slimmer wearing clothes are all very important to the type of person you’re aiming for.

If all else fails and you’re completely out of ideas for content – Google a competitive term, look at what they’re doing and take away as much as you can from it. People who rank number 1 for “lose fat” and “penis pills” know exactly what sells and truth be told, it’s probably as simple as a basic web template, a few strong backlinks and most importantly, unique text that actually sells the product to the user.

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