Tips on Hooking the Reader

There are a number of ways in which a good piece of copy can become completely destroyed due to components both on and off the text. I’ll start by having a look at a few things you should avoid when writing and presenting content as it can really divert the attention away from your central point.

Although interlinking your pages is good for SEO if done correctly, you shouldn’t really attempt to have that much in the way of hyperlinks on a web page. The human mind is an amazing thing and if you’re trying to sell a product, the thing you want to avoid is overloading your written content with links that divert the user’s attention away from your text (the logic here is that users will be more inclined to read what’s in front of them if their mind isn’t considering the importance of a link you’ve given them). Of course, this is totally dependent on what your site is like, but for the most part, you want to restrict users from being able to click on any link that isn’t your affiliate product page or another internal area that will help you sell your push.

One of the biggest things to avoid when you’re creating text is repeating a word or a phrase too often. It’s something that a lot of inexperienced writers do and it’s an issue because when an individual is reading a block of a text, you don’t want to let them drop their ‘reading state’ – that is, their concentration lapses and they focus more on the presentation of your copy rather than the actual content held within it.

The English language is an amazing tool simply because so many words are available to a copywriter. Synonyms are the wordsmith’s best friend and if you can – force yourself to change your language – especially in the areas where you know you’re weak. I personally have to go back over my text when I’m finished and read it out a few times. Surprisingly, this is nothing to do with syntax – I just find that I use certain phrases way too often and have to adjust sentences to mediate flow and guarantee interest.

As long as you have a good understanding of English and feel confident with your use of synonyms, there’s no reason why you can’t avoid messy blobs of text that overuse certain words/word chains.

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