Copywriting: What and Why

Whenever it comes to text on a web page, we can consider it ‘SEO’, provided the site is indexed by major search engines. In theory, there’s absolutely no difference between the content written by a normal person and one that specializes in optimizing copy. Though of course – the world doesn’t run on ‘theory’. When it comes to the practice, a professional content writer will do everything he can to ensure good keyword saturation, phrase keying and of course – correct spelling/grammar. It’s not as if a wordsmith actually changes the English language – he simply ensures that it’s optimized and ready for use.

There are plenty of webmasters out there that will think to themselves, ‘I can write, why would I need someone else to do that for me?’ – at face value, it’s a valid point; when you look further? You’ll see why professional writers should be the webmasters best friend.

Now, I know I can cook. I have an understanding of opening packets, turning knobs and reading a set of instructions on the side of a packet. The food I can create after twenty minutes in the kitchen is pretty good, but I’m by no means ready to open a restaurant and serve beans on toast to the general public.

In case you didn’t clock on, I’m comparing my acceptable but ultimately average understanding of cooking to an individual that feels they’re adequately equipped to write text that will be seen by a potentially massive number of people. Sure, if you want to send an email to your boss and write a text to your friend, I’m confident that your grasp of the English language is more than sufficient. When it comes to creating one of the biggest on page factors both for user consumption and SEO? It might be an idea to turn to a word chef.

A good copywriter will know the best way to include relevant text keywords in an easy-to-read passage of copy. The experience and dedication to such a job is something that very few people respect but is greatly admired by those that do. If you can handle an average piece of text that is the basis of user trust and page rank then so be it, but if you feel that professional, optimized material is what you want on your website, turn to an expert and invest in some quality copy.

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