Adult Search Engine Optimization

There are lots of online industries out there that are just waiting to be made into cash cows. A lot of these are quite easy to get valid, quality rankings for – sadly, porn isn’t one of them. When it comes to adult SEO, you have to be as ‘black hat’ as white hat SEO gets.

The problem comes down to two key elements; content and backlinks. You can pretty much make up unique content in mainstream niches and do a great job at it too. Sadly, there’s not that much to write when it comes to pornographic websites and thus, unlike mainstream, it’s practically impossible to get any legitimate backlinks.

The way ‘most’ up-and-coming websites get link juice is through quality content. Websites (blogs, in particular) absolutely love having 4 to 5 outbound links on a page that are actually relevant. In essence, it’s an unwritten rule that works on the idea of karma – that is, if a webmaster gives 200 outbound links to other pages, he might get an equal number of inbound links from other quality sites.

Alas, adult entertainment is an industry that is absent of such happenings. There are two practical ways to actually get quality backlinks to your website and like all good things, they come at a price. The most popular – and the one which I would most recommend for adult SEO – is link trading. There are several schools of thought on this and you can pretty much go about it however you want, but there’s no doubt a one-way link from a high ranking site with a quality segment of anchor text would outdo any same-IP link exchange in terms of useful effect. Alternatively, you can pay for backlink services – although this has its obvious downsides.

Adult SEO is a sticky business that can pay off if executed correctly. There are a lot of things search engine optimizers will dispute, but no peer-acclaimed SEO guru in their right mind would tell you that backlinks and unique content aren’t the most important things to consider when building a website for profit.

It’s a shame that adult search engine optimization isn’t something that can be honestly achieved. I think that deep down, Google knows some sites just won’t be linked to because of the content they have and hence, it makes it very hard for a quality porn site to get noticed. Thankfully, those with a commitment to the industry and a little bit of knowledge when it comes to SEO can really dominate the adult market.

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