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This sample is a typical short post rich in keyword phrases provided by the client. When working with Adult Copywriters, we’ll request this information up front, take a look at the site they’ll be posted on, and only then set out to author the text.

Depending on your needs, posts can be short, brief and vulgar or long, elegant and reserved. Whatever works best with your brand and target audience.

Blog posts typically have a fast turn around, with smaller projects being completed in a few business days or less. Adult Copywriters does its best to accommodate all rush and time sensitive projects.


Sites that host paysite reviews can earn webmasters large amounts of passive income. By nature, these texts are made to be optimized for site and niche specific keywords. While intended to convert well for sponsor programs, reviews also help educate visitors when making the choice to sign up at a particular paysite.

Different webmasters have different needs, and we respond to all of them.

Whether you need a basic, overtly positive review or you want an in-depth, detailed and honest assessment of the site, ACW writers can provide you with a high quality product on a fast turn around.

Looking to launch a review website or improve your content so it’s competitive in search engines?


This client approached Adult Copywriters to put together a series of 500 word promotional articles that would be used in various online mediums. Each article needed to revolve around a very specific group of keyword phrases without sacrificing the quality of the writing.

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a text that is rich in keywords but makes little sense in the English language. Adult Copywriters balances the strength of the sales copy with SEO requirements to create a strong, motivating, and search engine relevant adult promo article.

We always ensure that our work accomplishes both purposes without sacrificing quality on either front.

Need Adult Promotional Articles?

Paysites & Tours

Paysites and their tours are one of the most demanding jobs we take on. Limited on words and with a tall order to fill, tour texts require a lot from very little.

These texts are actually quite similar technically to haikus: short poems with a limited number of syllables that still tell a whole story.

In this case, we’re not telling a story, but motivating your visitors to convert into customers. We make sure that these short and powerful texts deliver on all fronts and convey the energy and attitude of your sites theme and brand.

Launching a new site and need copy that works as hard as the great content you produce?

Press Releases

A promotional device that’s been around for decades, the Press Release is still a relevant and powerful marketing tool in the online industry.

The client in the sample provided approached us to write a strong, keyword rich and professional text that could be distributed in adult news and industry channels. The final product succeeds in both clearly announcing the new services as well as presenting a professional image of the company’s brand and promise.

If you’re planning on launching a redesign, new site, product or promotion consider contracting Adult Copywriters to help you expand the reach and impact of your announcement.

Erotic Stories

Creativity and imagination are essential when writing erotic stories. However, an excellent command of the language is also very important. Adult Copywriters has put together dozens of short and long stories for various adult websites, with wide diversity in characters and plots. Depending on what you need, we can focus the stories on subjects of your choice or you can choose to leave all the details to us. Either way, you will receive an entertaining, gripping, easy-to-read erotic story containing all your targeted keywords.


As the category title implies, Miscellaneous projects are just that: wide and varied.

Some of the projects we’ve completed and placed in this category include adult short stories and fiction, forum moderation and forum posting.

We’re familiar with the industry, the haunts, the language and the details to help you get a wider and effective exposure to the leads you seek, whether they be webmasters to promote your sponsor sites or the leads that become direct customers.

If your project doesn’t seem to fit in any of the other six categories, chances are we can still help out.