Content Production

Let’s face it, nothing a writer produces for surfer consumption is going to win a literary award. SEO content writing is not there for a fresh-faced, bright-eyed college graduate to become a public figure and national hero for his outstanding works and unrivaled contribution to the wordsmithing industry. It’s a job like any other and although it certainly has elements of creativity, the main goal is to create an informative piece of text that will keep the user interested in your website.

Language is a wonderful thing but alas, sometimes it’s a real problem for a lot of people. Take this as an example – I can effortlessly fashion a complicated mesh of prodigious words and anachronistic language to feign a position of intellectual transcendence, but it does nothing for the reader and ultimately, insults their intelligence. When you take a step toward SEO content writing, you have to understand that a vast majority of the world’s population will not understand complicated language, local colloquialisms and obscure similes/metaphors. Sure, you know some pretty big words and they will help you to describe certain key aspects of a point, but don’t force yourself to hunt synonyms for basic words that are perfectly fine the way they are.

Of course, the number one reason to use basic language and to-the-point sentences is for your best friend – the search engine. The production of SEO content writing is there – quite literally – to optimize your sites for search engines. In fact, the greatest weakness a search engine has is actually a very good break for any writer and I’ll explain why.

Computers are terrible at language. They read words, they understand the basics of positioning and emphasis but by and large, it’s as confusing to them as binary code is to you.

So I’m sure you’re asking yourself “why is this good for me?” Well, if a computer could read text as well as a human could, it would have the ability to create it as well. Which, unless you’ve got a very quick turnaround time (trillions of words an hour) and you cost less than the average program license, means you would be out of work. Thankfully, computers are not that advanced and they shouldn’t be for quite some time. Meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that your job as an SEO content writer is safe … for now.

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